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Murkongselek College is situated in the vicinity of Jonai township area bordering Arunachal Pradesh. The college was established in 1984 with the cherished goal of spreading education and imparting higher education among the backward and the tribal students of Jonai sub-division and the neighbouring area. And since the day of its inception the college has been relentlessly working to achieve that cherished goal. The word 'murkongselekselek' is derived from Mishing language 'murkong' and 'seleg' where 'mukong' means wealth and 'seleg' means field covered with thatching grass. Jonai subdivision is located in the easternmost part of Assam, almost a 100 kms away from the district headquater, Dhemaji. The area is inhabited by tribal people mostly of the Mishing tribe
Murkong Selek College, the premier educational institution of Jonai Sub- Division was established in the year 1984, with the cherished goal of spreading broader knowledge among the aspiring students of this sub-division and beyond. Murkong Selek College is the outcome of the long felt need of the people and it ensures quality higher education in this land.

The word ‘Murkong Selek’ is derived from the Mising language, which means ‘murkong’ money/silver and ‘selek’ land is covered with thatching grass/reeds.

As per folk tales, the Maans (Burmese) invaded Assam and looted money/booty and wealth. And on their way back home, the Maans threw away coins of looted money in large quantity and these were lying scattered elsewhere on this area under the coverage of thatching grasses and reeds. In later days, the people came across these coins and collected them. People often used to refer ‘murkong’ was abundantly found in the ‘Selek’ and in course of time it became a popular word of the local people and ultimately the name of the place became Murkong Selek. The unique background and significant meaning, we have adorned our beloved college with the sweet name Murkong Selek. The Murkong Selek College is situated in the vicinity of Jonai town-ship area bordering Arunachal Pradesh. Jonai Sub-Division was created in the year 1979 with the land area of erstwhile Murkong Selek transferred area. It is a rural area under Tribal Sub-Plan schemes. The Jonai Sub-Division is a tribal dominated area with about two lakhs population and of which 75% belong to the Mising community and the rest belong to the other tribal and non-tribal communities.

Murkong Selek College, the first ever institution of higher education in this background and problem infested place of Jonai was founded with invaluable dedication and sacrifice of the people of Jonai with modest aims and objectives.

The college is built in a campus area of 15 acres land and is housed in a beautiful building with spacious campus. The college was brought under 2(f) of UGC Act in 1999 and is affiliated to Dibrugarh University. Presently, there are eight faculties where major courses are offered in seven faculties. It is the dedication of the college family that the strength of the college has reached more than 700 students. The University and the council examinations results speak well of the degree of the academic excellence attained by the students. Stress is laid on character building and all round development of the students’ personality. The college offers one year Diploma course in Computer Application (DCA) and one year Diploma course in Library and Information Science (DLISc). Recently the college authority has set up LAN (Local Area Network) facilities that enable internet access to both students and the teachers. The college library is well equipped and has a rich collection of over 10,150 books including journals, periodicals and magazines of national and international importance. The college provides canteen facility to the students. The college also provides both outdoor and indoor games to the students. Facilities like Indoor Stadium, Gymnasium, Basketball Court, Day Care Centre, Cycle Stand etc. are also available in the college.

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