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Murkong Selek College

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Principal's Desk
Dr. S.L. Phukan Gogoi. Principal,i/c

Catering to the need of more than 700 students at present, MurkongSelek College is a co-educational institution. I am happy to announce that the college has introduced Science stream in HS level from the Session 2015-16. MurkongSelek College is committed to quality education and congenial environment for academic development. Efforts are made to enhance the quality of teaching-learning process. The college has a team of dedicated, competent and experienced faculties and is always keen to help and guide our students for better learning environment. The college has its own support services to ensure the physical and intellectual growth of the student community. The college is responsive to community needs and frequently conducts relevant extensional activities and awareness programmes.

I appeal to all the faculty members, non-teaching staff, students, parents, alumni, GB members and all other well wishers to extend their help & cooperation to take it to greater heights of academic excellence.

I am confident that our students will be able to cope with today’s ever changing and competitive world and come out with flying colours.

Best wishes.

Dr. S.L. Phukan Gogoi

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