Murkong Selek College

Murkong Selek College

NAAC Accredited (2nd Cycle ) : C GRADE


RULES & REGULATIONS: The college gives utmost priority for discipline and every one, student or staff, is bound to follow the rules and regulations of the college and maintain strict discipline. Under disciplinary action, the principal is empowered to fine, suspend or even expel a student from the college in the interests of the institution.

1) Wearing college uniforms is compulsory during college hours.
2) Students with less than 85% of attendance won't be allowed to sit in the
3) Every student should have fellow feelings and should respect teachers,
office staff and other employees of the college
4) Students should utilise there leisure times in the Library. Smoking, chewing
tobacco, gutkha, panmasala etc. are strictly prohibited in the College campus.
5) Use of mobile phones in the classroom is strictly prohibited.
6) Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited within and outside the college.
Anyone found guilty will be penalized to the extent of rustication.
7) It is the duty of the students to keep the College clean and beautiful.
Spitting writing and sticking bills on the walls is strictly prohibited.

· Ragging in any form, inside and outside the hostel is strictly prohibited.
· Any one found involved in the above offence will be rusticated from
both the hostel and the college.
· A boarder must take proper permission from the hostel warden to go
out of the hostel.
· He/She must come back to the hostel at 1) 5 p.m. During winter 2)
6.30 p.m. during summer
· No boys/girls will be allowed to enter the hostel after the above stated
time until the warden is convinced that he/she otherwise has a valid
· Every inmate should have a feeling of love and affection among
· All boys/girls must strive to keep the hostel campus clean.
· No visitors will be allowed to enter the hostel after 5 p.m. in winter and
6 p.m. during summer.
· No guests will be allowed to spend night in the hostel room.
Violation of any one of these code of conducts will invite disciplinary
action as per rules and regulations of the hostel and college.

· The Students are to contact the Librarian for obtaining Library Card.
· At a time, only two books will be issued from a single card.
· Books are issued to Students only for fifteen days. Delay of the
submission of the books to Library would invite a fine of one rupee each
day thereafter.
· Students have to handle the books carefully. They have to pay the exact
price of the book if they damage or lose the same.
· If any one loses the Library Card he/she has to apply to the Librarian for
duplicate card.
· Students have to deposit Caution Money to the Librarian. The Caution
Money will be refunded on completion of his/her period or at the time
of leaving the College after deducting the value of damage or loss caused
by him/her to the College Library property. A Student shall be liable to
compensate the cost, if the value of damaged or lost property exceeds
the amount of their Caution Money.

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